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I’m gonna be honest with you: I’m allergic to boring conversation. So much so, in fact, that I spent years honing my interview skills first as a journalist, and then as the host of the Healthier Together Podcast.

I wanted to bring the types of conversations we have on the podcast—ones that allow you to really build intimacy, to explore all facets of each other’s personality and go deep, quick— to the greater Healthier Together community. 

With 6 categories and over 150 unique cards (including my signature interactive questions), you’ll be able to return to the deck for hundreds of hours of conversations for years to come!

Liz Moody
Healthier Together Host (@lizmoody)

Adventure: Exploration for all the senses, including eating, drinking, traveling and playing

Love: Friendship, self-love, and of course, romantic love

Wealth: Get real about money and the other things we value

Growing Up: From childhood to growing older, how family and circumstances shape our lives

What If: Hypothetical questions to ponder about your life and the universe at large

Wellbeing: How our mental and physical health make us the people we are

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healthier together: the deck


What’s the best way to play?
There’s no real WRONG way to play. I keep a deck in my car, so I can pull out random questions on long drives. I also love to keep a deck out on my kitchen table—it makes for amazing dinner party conversation. Sometimes, I’ll have some friends over and we’ll play in a more structured way, pulling out all 6 categories and rotating between each of them. Sometimes we dive deep into a particular category (honestly, the MONEY category should be a prerequisite for marriage!). Sometimes the card puller will answer the questions, sometimes they get to choose a person to answer, and sometimes we all answer. 

If you’re desperate to have a “winner” (and I get it, I’m a Leo so I’m often in that mood), have one person pull a card, and everyone else write down their answers. Then the person to the right of the card puller reads the answers and the card puller guesses who said what, getting a point for each correct answer. 

As long as excellent conversations ensue, the deck is doing its job.

Who is this deck for?
This deck was designed to be used in all types of relationship dynamics. It’s perfect for families, friends, romantic partners, new relationships, and older relationships!

While the LOVE section covers all types of love—friendship, self love, and romantic love—it also has a few questions about sex, so if you’re playing with someone you don’t feel comfortable discussing sex with, skip that category or, you know, pre-screen the cards before reading them out loud.

What are the best times to use the deck?
Any time you’d rather have a more fun, interesting, or deep conversation, which for me is pretty much always. I recommend using the deck to:

  • Make dinner parties way more lively
  • Develop intimacy with your partner
  • Eliminate awkward pauses and surface banter on a first date
  • Get to know your parents as real people
  • Take the boredom out of long road trips
  • Connect with new and old friends (and spark the kind of laughter that’ll make your belly hurt!!)
Signature interactive questions? What’s that?

I wanted the game to change every time you played it, and to be as interactive as possible. With that in mind, sprinkled throughout you’ll find questions for you to answer about the other players (and for them to answer about you!). You’ll speculate on each other’s dream vacations, give them compliments about their personalities or what they bring to friendship, and even brainstorm solutions to each other’s struggles.

This is a no pressure situation—often, the assumptions we make are completely off base (I totally botched Zack’s dream vacation!). But those assumptions can be a rich basis for opening new discussions, and seeing ourselves how other people see us is valuable information. To be honest, these are some of my favorite cards, and I can’t wait to hear what you think of them!

Um...six of my cards are blank!

If you follow me on Instagram (@lizmoody!) or listen to the podcast, you know that I’m all about a two-way relationship. We are, after all, healthier together. So, I shared my favorite questions, and now you get to customize the deck by adding a conversation starter of your choice to each category. I can’t wait to see what you come up with, so definitely tag me on social with your unique cards!!

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Who the heck is Liz Moody?
I ask myself this regularly. I’m a longtime journalist (I wrote for publications like Glamour, Marie Claire, and goop, and served as the Food Director at mindbodygreen for years) and the host of the hit Healthier Together podcast, where I interview leading experts on their best secrets to help you live your healthiest, happiest life. I’m also a two-time cookbook author—Glow Pops, which is all about healthy popsicles, and Healthier Together, nourishing recipes designed for two—are available wherever books are sold. My husband and I spend most of our time as nomads, traveling the the world with our cute cat, Bella.
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